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MOD POST: Announcement

Hi guys, remember me? Formalities aside, I have an announcement to make. I am going to step down as owner of Deviantartsnark. Being have been a member of this community for six years and while it has been fun, I feel it is time to move on. As me and none of the current moderators are active on LJ anymore (tumblr is so much easier) PM me with your e-mail address (must be current) if you want to be owner of this community and I will choose who is most fit for the role.

Keep snarking kids.

I am an artist, I PAINT masterpieces!

Hello all, let me introduce you to the breathtaking art of Xirene.

Apparently slapping a few clumsily cut photos together is enough to be a painter now.

I'll leave it to you to enjoy the rest of this painter's gallery.

Bonus: glorious gay porn (what is this, I don't even.)

Bonus bonus: after I left a bit of constructive critique under one of the paintings, I was immediately blocked, the comment was hidden and then I was attacked by the painter's friend. Priceless.

Kinda feel bad snarking

But I feel kinda an obligation because of just how this is displayed. To give you the lay down this user gave me a llama so I decided to return the favor Only to get a face full of poorly drawn anime girl panty shot.

Why would you do this? Really why? Seriously this image is the first thing you see on his frontpage. Can this kind of image even BE displayed without a mature filter on? Also it could be anime style but she doesn't even look 18 8C

EDIT: went and read the DA policy and apparently panty shots don't require a mature tag so that question is answered.