Gizzybiscuits (gizzybiscuits) wrote in deviantartsnark,

Dat face.

I know I lose a pelvis and have my breasts attach to my collarbone and flop about in the morning breeze in my nightmares.

"I really do not want to add the scars which cover her whole body because it slightly ruins the drawing in my eyes"

Suuure.  Ruins the picture.  I believe you. (Seriously though, about everyone doing fanart of this character doesn't do the scars or black eyes or whatever because 'butbut that isn't hawt'.  Srsly hope none of them plan on doing commisions)I

In other news this isn't even art why are you submitting it. (Context: the scene takes place in one of those panicky what-if thoughts of a character + their evidence for validating their sparkledog or whatever they're on about now is an animation error.  Gee, I wonder why the comments are disabled)

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