Ginny (artisticdr34ms) wrote in deviantartsnark,

DracheaRannak Trace Drama

DracheaRannak on deviantART is no virgin to drama. This guy has issues of people calling him names for his sexuality, but then can turn around and spark it himself by trying to add to the fire.

The most recent drama is really confusing for me, and I thought I should share this to you guys for only opinions on the matter. Apparently, back in 2008, he traced a popular Sailor Jupiter image for one of his drawings, and according to him, gave credit to the image, even stating it was a trace. It has been up for 2 years before someone yesterday created an account and being to "troll" the account, accusing of him tracing. They've created a journal post about it here. Now the image has been removed, and we have no proof that he did or did not credit, but only he said she said.

I should have posted about this yesterday, because now a lot of comments have been hidden. I was fighting with myself to see if this was really worth it or not, and this morning I decided it was when one troll in particular can't shut their damn mouth. My opinion on the matter is that it was taken care of when he removed the deviation from his page, and then later credited sources on poses he used for older images. Yes, I do agree that it sucked in the first place that he did that, but it did not deserve this shitstorm that was created because of this. Going around and calling him a fag doesn't get your point across.

So what's your opinion on this? Should the drama continue? Was Piefromthesky correct to post about it? Discussion start!

Edit: When I wrote this journal, his account was still active. That said, moderation for dA Snark stinks, guys. I think some people are with me when I say that most fail snarks that we got made the site funnier.

However, that aside, holy shit he deactivated his account.

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