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First and most important rule: Don't use this community to plan raids against the artist in question. That's against LJ's TOS and I highly advise that you don't bring raid shit in here. Leave it for /i/.

Put long links under an LJ cut Or simply use an HTML editor.

Don't cry if you got snarked/bring personal drama here I have stressed long enough that DASnark is not a hugbox and I couldn't care less if a troll is spamming your DA page with lemon party. Also if you get snarked take it like a man and don't throw a shitfit.

Don't do anything that abuses the TOS This goes for both LJ and DA.

The AUP. Read it. New members: this will save you alot of confusion and will prevent humiliation and mocking. This goes to veteran members too.

Comment disabling/deleting is a mod thing If you are not a mod and you do this that is instant two strikes no questions.

Stay on topic Unless you really feel the need to not post snarks and instead discuss the moral standings of DA, comment on this post and I'll see about it.

Do not delete your posts I introduced this new rule as I am so sick of people deleting their posts because they got called on. Doing this will result in a strike.

Don't post about old memes Unless they have started major drama I advise against posting about old memes. A list of all old meme snarks can be found in the memories.


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