Onna Evil Smith (onnaevilsmith) wrote in deviantartsnark,
Onna Evil Smith

Long time no snark!

So I was chatting with a friend of mine and she linked me to this girl.. and she said " http://diamond-inuyasha.deviantart.com/ Notice anything wrong with her character? I mean, anything at all? " so I went to check it out.. and I just.. L-O-L!

Forgive me if she has been snarked before

But this Mary-Sue is just.. so LOL worthy

So here is her character Diamond, who is apparently Inu Yasha with a vagina and a purple robe

"If you don't like this or you're going to flame it, then DON'T comment. If you have time to flame, then you have time to do your own art."

Her DIAMOND even has a full wolf form!

And one last thing before I let you loose on this gallery.. apparently Diamonds Mom looks just like her father.

Jerry Springer Feudal style mebbe?

and be careful, she may put you on her LIST
That's all from me!

EDIT One last thing, apparently she has a h8ter who made her own Inu Yasha Mary Sue(s)

EMERALD- http://emerald-inuyasha.deviantart.com/
SAPPHIRE- http://sapphire-inuyasha.deviantart.com/
RUBY- http://ruby-inuyasha.deviantart.com
AMBER- http://amber-inuyasha.deviantart.com
COAL- http://coal-inuyasha.deviantart.com
NEON- http://neon-inuyasha.deviantart.com
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